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Families across North Carolina are exercising their legal right to give birth at home. Yet the professional healthcare provider specifically trained to attend home birth is not recognized by the state. These providers are recognized in 35 other states, including Tennessee, South Carolina and Virginia.

These families must receive access to Certified Professional Midwives. 

Mission Statement:

North Carolina Friends of Midwives recognizes a woman’s legal right to choose the setting and care provider for birth. These rights are supported by key principles. We hold that;

  • Planned home birth attended by a trained midwife is a safe and valid choice,
  • Standards of care must be  maintained,
  • Care providers must be held accountable for their actions.

North Carolina Friends of Midwives shall seek the introduction and passage of legislation to license Certified Professional Midwives to address these issues, shall continue to be present to prevent legislation to the contrary, and shall insist on the correction of the statutory and regulatory deficiencies.

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